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Why Settle for the Beef, Chicken or Fish, when you can have the Rhino?

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About Us

Inimitibale & Nonpariel Perspective

A skillful Interpretation and Resolve to your Requisite Circumstance -- food and the food business. 

 Certified Executive Chef and Culinary Educator, Former Appointed Culinary Judge, and Winner of over 25 Medals in Professional Competition.  

Reliance on international travel experiences across Asia to add subtle flair to a solid classical foundation

Relocated from the NYC area

After ten years away from the Pacific North West, I have returned as I love this terroir and seasonality it lends.

Good food must make sense on more than one level

100% tailored experience

I come to you.

I listen to your needs and build a solution with you.

I love to cook.

A Current Selection

Always Fresh and Always Changing. This is what I recommend

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I always come to you

Always up to get into someone's kitchen, mind, and create an unforgettable experience. 

Wandering White Rhino, LLC Complete Chef Services

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100% by appointment and totally flexible. You need a chef at non- standard times, and I understand.